A Few Things About Me

  • Soulful Storyteller
  • Light worker
  • Writer
  • Vintage Bookstore,Vinyl Records, and Cameras explorer
  • Wanderlust soul
  • Yogi in training
  • Coffee connoisseur
  • Nature Lover
  • Sunrise chaser
  • Doggie mommy to Jax the silly doggie
  • Amateur surfer
  • World explorer

about Sandra Kourah



I am a storyteller. I am an artist. I am a curator of light & love through artistic visual storytelling. I am a fine art portrait, lifestyle, brand, and travel photographer available in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and beyond. I am a sister, friend, daughter, auntie and doggie mommy to silly Jax.  I am a wanderlust soul with a love of all things nature from sea to summit.  I am a yogi in training,  a light-worker and intuitive photographer working to bring forth your vision of your highest self.

Photography is not something I do, being a photographer is who I am. As a child, my father (an engineer with a love of photography himself) handed me a camera as a way to document what I was feeling as we left our home in Ohio, and traveled to places far for his job. So you can say that instilled in me the awe of raw, authentic, soulful, emotion and storytelling, both visually and via the written word. For as long as I can remember I have always been accompanied with a camera of some sort, pen and paper. Documenting tools that were amongst my most precious possessions growing up living all over the world. From a very young age I was acutely aware of the beauty of the world around me and the ability I had to find a smile in whatever circumstance, country, or situation I found myself in and along the way the yearn to capture and document it all whether through writing or photography. What I captured and wrote I wanted to share that with the world. This stayed with me throughout my life through dental school and practicing dentistry until the creative wanderlust soulful storytelling calling became too strong not to follow it. Switching careers, I decided to start my my business and also pursue a degree in E- Marketing and Web Design.

I am deeply inspired by the people and places that have shaped me through raw experiences that opened up my soul in ways I am forever in gratitude for.

I live to capture stories as they unfold naturally and as they are surrounded by the natural light that dances, twirls and falls just so to help me paint true natural beauty, inside and out.

I believe in each one of us lies dormant untapped possibilities; I believe in every choice we make we can choose to tap into our unlimited possibilities and to see the world as an unlimited source of brilliance. I believe in capturing the heart & soul of your story. I believe in the art of soulful and authentic story telling. I believe in capturing the light in your soul and the love in your heart.