There is a voice that whispers in the wind it speaks, I listen.

There is grace that surrounds me as the moon sets, I listen.

There is a silence in the break of dawn that speaks, I listen.

There is a calling deep in the seat of my soul

that believes in the light, even in the darkest of hours

there is always light.

There is formidable hope that grows roots deep in my heart, I listen.

There is a voice, that does not use words, I listen.

                                                                                                                       Sandra Kourah


Torrey Pines state beach photography

This was taken on Christmas day, 2015. I woke up before dawn and drove to the beach as I watched the moon follow me the whole way. It was a silent peaceful drive as I thought about all that Christmas day holds in ways of blessings. It was definitely El Nino weather and especially cold for San Diego. I parked my car and watched as the first light began to break behind me as in front of me was this… the full moon setting. As I sat there for a few moments, before braving the freezing cold to capture what I was feeling, listening to the wind howling around me, watching the waves crash onto the shore, I thought to myself this moment, here in the present, THIS is what life is. Being present to listen to the silence that speaks. Your heart really does know the answer. All you have to do is listen to the silence… it speaks.